Marine diesel engines cover a wide range. Engines used in the marine industry are often used as the main engine for vessels. The engine is selected based on the size of the vessel and the amount of power required to move the vessel.

It is also possible to use one or more diesel engines in parallel to launch marines at the same time.

due to the growing need of the market, mtu relaying on up to date research and development, is always in upward trends related to marine diesel engine power.

Power Ranges

Engine Highlights

The broad range of mtu inboard diesel engines means that you can always find an engine that fits the size of your vessel. The engines deliver rapid acceleration, reliable performance and the ability to maintain a high cruising speed, regardless of the load or sea.

Common benefits for marine leisure and commercial applications are the unique marine torque, the low emission levels, the continuously high reliability and the option of adding additional comfort and convenience with joystick docking and driving.

MTU series 4000 marine engines

20V 4000 M73/M73L

mtu 4000 marine engine

12V 4000  M93/M93L

mtu 4000 12v marine engine

16V 4000 M93/M93L

16V 4000 M93/M93L

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